“If I had ordered a perfect trip I couldn’t have done any better than this trip. The  group was fantastic, the guides were totally awesome, the food was delicious! It doesn’t get much better.” – Jill from Wasaga Beach

“I am still mentally and physically cruising on the energy I got from being there with you all. I have never felt so cared about and held on a vacation.” – Sandy from Montreal

“I’ve enjoyed all the trips I’ve been on. My one trip a year sustains me. When I have stress in my life I think of paddling on the clear water and enjoying the company of like-minded women.” – Lee from Windsor

“I couldn’t have asked for anything more – I was absolutely satisfied with the people, the place, and the experience…I am filled with awe and humbled by the beauty, mystery and magic of the Nahanni…PERFECT!” – Liz from New Zealand

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