Winter 2016


Egypt Goddesses, Queens, and Heroines Tour
A brightly colored scarf snaps in the evening breeze. A scent fills your nose – something so spicy sweet it tickles your throat…while the heat hugs you like a thick cloak. You have always wanted to come here – to a land so utterly foreign, that you feel wildly awake…
January 4-15, 2016
Baja Kayak and Whale Watching Adventure
Our Wild Women kayak adventure offers a glorious week of voyaging around the coast of Espiritu to enjoy fantastic snorkeling, swim with sea lion pups, hike intriguing volcanic arroyos, bathe in the glorious Baja sun, admire a school of dolphins, explore hidden inland lagoons and relax in great company…and then we’ll cap off our adventure with a visit to the Gray Whales of Magdalena Bay!
January 23 – 31, 2016
Belize River, Reefs, and Rainforests Adventure
With one foot planted in the Central American jungles and the other dipped in the Caribbean Sea, Belize combines the best of both worlds. Belize is home to verdant jungles, from the Maya Mountains and rivers in the southwest to ancient ruins, remnants of bygone days as part of the greater Maya kingdom…
February 1 – 9, 2016
Baja Kayak and Whale Watching Adventure
This beginner friendly expedition in Baja, Mexico is one of the most spectacular sea-kayaking trips in North America – in the place often called the “Galapagos of Mexico” for its lush marine ecology…
February 6-14, 2016
Costa Rica Rainforest and Rivers Eco-Adventure
Costa Rica is a feast for the senses, and you’ll want to devour every delight on your adventure here, as you explore the colourful symphony of tropical life in the land of ‘Pura Vida’…
February 12-18, 2016
Aloha Wild Yoga and Multisport Adventure 
Your yoga practice will be inspired by the magic of the island, an enchanting setting full of rugged mountains, lush taro fields, heavenly beaches and spectacular sea cliffs.
February 20-27, 2016